Popular supplements @ Food for Thought – FISH OILS

Fish oil comes from the tissues of oily fish. This fish oil contains 2 very important omega 3 fatty acids – EPA & DHA.

Benefits of EPA & DHA:

  • DHA & EPA contribute to the maintenance of normal blood pressure
  • DHA & EPA contribute to the maintenance of normal blood triglyceride levels
  • DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function
  • DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal vision
  • EPA & DHA contribute to normal heart function
  • DHA contributes to normal visual development of infants up to12 months
  • DHA maternal intake contributes to the normal brain development of the fetus & breastfed infants

Best sources of fish oil includes the consumption of oily fish such as salmon, herring, white fish & sardines on a very regular basis. For those who do not eat fish or are not regular fish eaters the best source is supplementing with a good quality fish oil in capsule or liquid form. When buying a fish oil supplement always look out for the amount of EPA & DHA in each serving and always choose one which contains at least 500mg of EPA & DHA combined.

Here at Food for Thought we stock a wide range of fish oils.

Our bestselling in capsule form is: MorEPA smart fats fish oil which provides EPA 590mg and DHA 130mg. This is a 1 a day capsule.

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Our bestselling in liquid form is: Eskimo 3 liquid which provides – EPA per 5ml 740mg per 10ml 1480mg and DHA per 5ml 460mg per 10ml 920mg. Recommended dosage is 1-2 teaspoons per day.

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These are both very good quality fish oils and much loved between our customers 🙂